Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meeting Dr. Patricia McConnell

My Mom and I were at the pet store one day, when she saw the flyer "Calling All Pets", promoting an event for a new organization in Naples, 'The Brody Project" an animal assisted therapy program, who was having a fundraiser and featuring the world renown animal behaviorist, Dr. Patricia McConnell. ( check out her blog too: theotherendoftheleash.com )...I know my Mom had read several of her books, and really looked up to her, so I agreed to accompany her to the event.
It was a spectacular time, lots of tails wagging and butts to sniff and I even was allowed IN the restaurant for the special party!
Here is my Mom and I with Patricia, she is even more gracious, and kind than I would have imagined:

Then I heard a lot of talk about Delta Training and therapy work. It was decided, my Mom would take the Delta training class and I would work on becoming a certified therapy dog! Everything happens for a reason.

**Update, my Mom completed her class and I will take my test in a few weeks, paws crossed I pass!