Friday, June 13, 2008

Let's be a little greener!

Let's face it, I poop 3 times a day. That's 21 poops a week, 84 poops a month & 1,008 poops a year. Just from one 24lb American Cocker Spaniel. That's a LOT of turds.
• 4 million tons – It is estimated that dog owners do not collect over 4 million tons of dog waste annually.

• 20-30% of all pollutants in waterways attributed to dog waste – Pollutants originating from rainwater run-off via sewer systems, and dogs pooping near watersheds or beaches. Overall, it is believed dog waste is third or fourth on the list of contributors to bacteria in contaminated

• 4th highest generated waste – Plastics are the fourth highest generated waste in the U.S., originate from petroleum which is non-
renewable, do not biodegrade, and take thousands of years to break down. Paper, yard trimmings, and food scraps are the top three generated. However, all of them come from renewable resources.

• Bottom – Plastics are the least recycled with a 6.9% recovery rate. In 2006, the U.S. produced 29.5 million tons of plastic and only recycled 2.04 tons.
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So use biodegradable poop bags! Poop Bags meet the ASTM D6400 specification for biodegradability, and comply with biodegradable product claims in all 50 states.

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