Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bernie's teeth.

How to describe Bernie's breath? Tuna sandwich. Rotten bologna. My little dog has BIG mouth problems.
Even though I brush his teeth 4 times a week, it's still not enough to keep his teeth clean and breath fresh. I heard Yorkie's are notorious for small, crowded mouths that lead to bad teeth & breath, so can I blame it on  genetics? I make sure he has bones to chew, and he does chew nightly. Whether it's on a raw marrow bone, bully stick,  Merrick puffed snout, lamb ear, bison tendon, and the list goes on. Point is, what am I doing wrong? He chews, I brush, he got a professional cleaning not even a year ago! (July 17, 2009) and I give him Plaque Off (natural seaweed plaque fighter) on food in mornings.  I recently started brushing his teeth every morning, and I will say I am noticing a very slight improvement in  breath. I am going to schedule him another professional teeth cleaning and be adamant about brushing his teeth every morning and maybe every night. He is only 5 years old and I want him to have pearly whites for a long time.

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