Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dog days of Summer

Here in hot steamy Florida, the days just keep getting hotter, muggier & rainier.  Temps reach in the upper 90's and feel like it's over 100 degrees out with the heat index. So what do we do to stay cool but still exercise?  I still take the dogs out every evening around 7pm, it's cooler then and I just keep our ball playing sessions down to 15-20 minutes. Then it's back in the house to cool down on the tile floors. I also fill their water bowls with fresh water and drop a few ice cubes in there.  On the weekends, we play in the pool for a few hours or go to dog beach or occasionally out on the boat. Walks are out unless we are up really early, and well getting up for work everyday at 7:30am is hard enough :)
What do you do in the hot summer with your dogs? Always be sure to provide cool water, shade and on light dogs, sunscreen! (yes they make it for dog!)

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