Thursday, March 11, 2010

Calling all chubby dogs!! by: the Mom lady

Eek! I admit it, I have a chubby dog. I never thought he was chubby, until my sister came over and said what a fattie he has turned into. Nice right? Now, chubby, is different than obese. Bernie, the should be 5lb yorkie mix, is chubby. For a while now, I was not sure what I was doing wrong. He is on Wellness Core (grain free, the reduced fat formula) plus home-cooked and loads of veggies, we walk a lot, and he gets healthy snacks in moderation! My sister, also happens to be a heath nut, very conscious of what she eats....and she asked my why I had so much fruit & bananas, 'they have too much sugar'. Ding ding ding! How could I forget? My dogs love fruit! And while I am sure some is ok, they probably get too much. Especially Bernie, at his size, eating about 1/4 of a banana every morning is not doing him any favors! Another fiance gives him cheese! Yes, cheese is his absolute favorite. If you say 'Cheese" he gets all crazy excited and runs to the kitchen. But a one ounce piece of cheese for a dog, is equal to a cheeseburger to us! Yikes. no more cheese please. So I will keep you all updated on his progress. We are sticking to his diet this time, more exercise, less treats, and no more bananas or fruit for a while.

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