Thursday, March 18, 2010

Warning! FDA investigating "Real Ham Bone" by Dynamic Pet Products

Several reports of this bone making dogs very sick, and crumbling easily.
One report, (RIP Dewey) did not make it :(
I rushed him to the vet where they found his core body temperature was 97 and his eyes were fixed and dialated. We elected to euthanize rather than allow his continued suffering. Dewey's body was sent to the state Lab for necropsy. Necropsy did not find any evidence of bone fragments (no kidding, he threw it all up). He had a diaphramic hernia which most likely was caused by the excessive vomiting caused by this product. No words can express the deep loss for my baby boy. He was the sidekick superhero of a little boy. He was a Field Champion and finished the 2008 coursing competition as #6 in the USA. He was a great ambassador for his breed and my best friend.

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