Wednesday, March 10, 2010


How many of you doggies out there are snugglers? How many of you are allowed to sleep on the bed? Some people think that allowing a dog to sleep in bed with their owners, creates a more dominant dog. I would have to disagree, but it really depends on the dog. The WDJ had an awesome article about bedroom behaviors and how to assess each situation. Basically, if your dog growls at you when it's sleeping, you decide to no longer let your dog sleep with you, you are not correcting the issue, rather you are just avoiding it. Which for some owners, is ok. But for those of you who like your furry companions to keep you warm, there are ways to work out the issues. Make sure your dog has a 'spot', a blanket at end of bed, or special pillow on bed. Make sure your dog knows "off" command, so when you want him/her off the bed, they respect & listen to you. And praise praise praise. I cannot say enough about using praise and positive reinforcement when with your dog on a daily basis. So many people only correct the bad behavior of their dogs, but you also have to acknowledge the GOOD behavior :) wags for now!

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